Subverting our disposable culture with an act of permanence.

A more durable future begins with a single house.

We’re building a house, brick by brick, to prove an idea: That traditional, structural masonry, applied in particular key ways, can become a practical remedy for a host of contemporary challenges:

Sustainability.   Rising energy costs.   Housing affordability.

To build a timeless, durable, multi-century home at a price that everyday Americans can afford.

Call it an experiment. An attempt to subvert our disposable culture with an act of permanence. To spark economic potential in local products and work done by hand. To employ proven traditions over newfangled technologies to reduce energy use.

This site, and the documentary film being produced along with it, will explore the process, detailing our triumphs and pitfalls. Along the way, you’ll learn as we learn through a candid narrative of what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. You may even pick up a few ideas to take forward into your own work.

Help build hope for architecture.

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