Installing Control Cover Chimney Top Dampers


“Top of the morning”

Josh Adams perched on double flue chimney as we prepare for damper installations.  The damper product being used is made by ‘All Season Control Cover’ based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  We worked closely with Owner Operator D. W. Crosby while determining the ideal damper for the Adams House.


Josh, threading steel cable that will descend into the firebox.  This will be fitted to an adjustable bracket within the fire box that will allow the damper door to be opened by varying degrees.  This will optimize the amount of heat retained in the house while insuring the draft is functioning properly.


View of smaller stove flue after damper door has been fastened.  The minimal design of the Control Cover damper is favored for many historical restorations because the simplicity of the mechanism is quite inconspicuous while still providing a product that performs the required service effectively.


View of silicon seal.  This is a 50 year product that will serve as a gasket for sealing the flue tightly when the door is closed against it.  After waiting about 45 minutes post silicon application (in the 75 degree temperature with little breeze) we then closed the lid on top of the still malleable caulking material so it might be shaped to the specific form of the damper door in relation to the hosting flue tile.

2 Responses to Installing Control Cover Chimney Top Dampers

  1. Michael Leistiko

    I see that you have used other brands on past houses you have built. I like the chimney top damper also. When compared to standard throat style dampers the pluses outweigh the minuses. There are not many suppliers who will do the custom work they show on the website. Is weather protection or exterior iceing a concern? Will owner use the wood stove in basement more that the fireplace?

  2. Robert S

    Beautiful! I love these simple details. High tech is good but often low tech is even better.


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